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What are Shamanic Healing Practices? Part 2

Spirit Extraction & Entity Removal Spirit extraction involves removing harming energies that have developed in the client’s energetic body. These blockages and intrusions stop the natural flow in the body which can cause physical or mental health issues. A person who has holes in their aura or who has had addictions or persistent negative thought…

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What are Shamanic Healing Practices? Part 1

What is Shamanic Healing?   Shamanism is one of mankind’s most ancient methods for healing and empowerment. To conduct a healing the shaman goes through a shift in consciousness from beta to theta brainwave and is able to connect and communicate with spirit helpers and become a conduit for great healing power. The shaman uses…

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What is a Shamanic Journey?

Journeying –  A Core Shamanic Process All ancient civilizations and cultures had the knowledge and understanding that there are hidden unseen worlds in different dimensions or planes of existence. Communication with the spirit world for guidance and healing was an accepted part of culture and still is in many cultures today. Entering such Non Ordinary…

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How to Meet Your Shamanic Power Animal Part Two

The Shamanic Journey Everyone receives messages in different ways during a shamanic journey, some people hear messages, other see, others have a knowing or just a feeling or combination.Entering the shamanic lower world is usually done through a hole in the ground, hollow tree or cave, After listening to shamanic drumming at around 180 beats…

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How To Meet Your Shamanic Power Animal Part One

Shamanic Healing & Power Animals   Shamanism is mankind’s most ancient form of spiritual practice and closed related to Animism. The shamans’ power is directly  connected to their power animals, these animal allies, spirit guides and helpers and assist the shaman with many shamanic healing processes ad arduous tasks. It is said by many shamans…

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Shamanism & Power Animals

What are Shamanic Power Animals? Through entering a meditative trance state the shaman is able to travel to other worlds in non-ordinary reality to connects and builds relationships with guides and helpers. The trance state involves the shaman being in a Alpha/Theta Brainwave, in this brainwave the conscious mind is more easily able to receive…

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Shamanism & Soul Retreival

Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval   The ancient art of soul retrieval is a phenomenally important shamanic healing process that causes the return of the recipient’s life force or soul. The most significant soul loss can occur in childhood through some sort of trauma or abuse, however it is also possible to experience soul loss…

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