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Saturday 16/06/2018

7. 30 – 9pm



Welcome sisters to Shakti Circles – Cardiff Red Tent.

We gather together in an atmospheric Yurt, based in the heart of Cardiff. This safe, supportive space enables a unique platform for women to share, discover and grow together. Join us in a celebration of your womanhood learning skills and practices that nourish and energize you and your natural feminine vitality. You will also learn techniques, teachings and exercises to activate your consciousness and raise your personal vibration. This is a wild, juicy ride where we respect and honour one another through guidance and spiritual practice.

At Shakti Circles – Cardiff Red Tent we are exploring feminine energy, meeting in a space beyond the mind and the personality and exploring new and radical ways to nourish each other as woman. It is a place of validation and sustenance, of remembering and finding home, empowering the goddess within you.

Shakti Circles are a safe, loving and open place to expand your consciousness and let your feminine power rise. Here we facilitate the beauty and wisdom of our bodies and sisterhood. We are powerful beings made to create and flourish. Celebrate the Goddess that you are.

Join our Sacred Shakti Circle and find the connection between creative energy flow and the core of your body to reclaim the radiance that is right fully yours.

Our Shakti Circles are held at Yurt In The City, Llandaff Road in the heart of Cardiff.

Please keep an eye out for event updates and details.

Yurt in the City, Cardiff  7.30 – 9 pm. Entry £10

Hosted by Angharad Iris & Gaia Evalyn Love

Angharad Iris is a visual and spoken word artist with an interest in the connection between ancient, sacred perceptions of the earth and the modern day relationship to sacred sites and the environment. Angharad has been working closely with crystals and large scale stone for over 5 years. With an interest in sacred stones, (having grown up near the ancient site of Avebury), Angharad now works full time managing projects that include the installation of large stone monoliths, whilst working with crystals within her yoga and meditation practise. Angharad will be taking you through some powerful meditation and visualisation practises which will bring focus to the energetic value of nature, stones and the beauty of raising your vibrations!




Gaia Evalyn Love is an experienced workshop facilitator who hosts experiential and practical Workshops as well as one to one healing sessions. Gaia began her journey of awakening fifteen years ago years ago and has trained in several healing modalities. Her pure intention in all her workshops is to empower others to heal and discover their true potential. Join us at Shakti Circles for an experience that will empower, expand and evolve your consciousness leading to a better quality of life at Shakti Circles – Cardiff Ted Tent, Yurt in the City