Shamanism UK

One Year Shamanic Practitioner Course


Held At Yurt in The City, cardiff

10 am – 6 pm each course day

Please note that £495 is for the deposit only.  See below for full course pricing and dates.

This is an intensive year long Shamanic Practitioner Course for men and women that will take you on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery.  Please see the list of topics you will be taught below, You will be provided with a Vegetarian or Vegan Lunch course each course or workshop day.


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This is an intensive year long Shamanic Practitioner Course, hosted in a beautiful Mongolian Yurt in Cardiff Wales.  Its is a cosy warm venue as the yurt is indoors inside another building. There is a kitchen, dining area and toilet attached. It is a mixed course for men and women which will take you on wild ride and an intensive journey of self empowerment and self-discovery.  Please see the list of topics you will be taught and taking part in below, you will be provided with a Vegetarian or Vegan Lunch for each day of the course.


Course Syllabus

  • Shamanism origins and traditions, Shamanism in different cultures
  • Shamanic Worlds, The World Tree, The Axis Mundi
  • The Cosmology of the The Shamanic Drum & Rattle
  • Shamanic Protection
  • Tools of the Shaman
  • The Shamanic journey – The Three Worlds/Power Animals/Guides
  • Conducting Ceremony & Ritual/Altar making/Four Directions
  • Core Shamanic Healing processes and techniques such as Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Ancestral healing, Power Retrieval, Spirit Extraction, Deposession, Energy Re balancing, Psycopomp, Relationship Healing, Space Clearing
  • European Shamanism and Runic Divination
  • Working with Song and the Staff
  • Power of sound in shamanism
  • Shamanic Trance Dance
  • Shamanic Fire Circle
  • Ecstatic Body postures
  • Working with Plant,Tree and Nature Energies
  • Shamanic Plants and Herbalism
  • The Celtic Wheel Of The Year
  • Earth Energy Healing Techniques, Labyrinths, Stone Circles
  • Shamanic Manifesting
  • Energy Mastery Techniques
  • Working with Clients/Client Consultations

There will be work to do at home in between modules and at the end of the course you will be required to do some cases studies in order to gain your certification.

At Earth Heart Shamanic Practitioner Courses UK and Wales, the syllabus will run over nine weekends from September 2018 to October 2019. It is necessary to be available for all dates in order to complete the course and gain your practitioner certification.


2018 Dates

29 th 30th September

27th, 28th October

24, 25th November


2019 Dates

23rd, 24th February

23rd, 24th March

27th, 28th April

1 st June

29th, 30th June

1 st, 2nd September

26th, 27th October


Cardiff has an amazing variety of B n B‘s and hotels to stay  in Cardiff, Wales if you require this.


The cost of the year long practitioner course with Earth Heart Shamanism UK is £1495 in total, a deposit of £495 is required to secure your place and further payment of £1000 at the start of your training. Alternatively you can pay a £495 deposit plus 10 monthly installments of £100 pounds from October 2018.

The path of shamanism a self experiential and will lead you on a path of personal development leading a better quality of life and an enhanced level happiness.