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Welcome, join me on a journey and an adventure to evolve your consciousness and reconnect with your true your true essence. By choosing to partake in an our Year Long Practitioner Course and Shamanism training in Wales you are choosing to reconnect with the path of spirit, a journey home back to source and back to center. Shamanism is all about bring back life in to balance and allowing energy to flow freely. The ancient practice also gives you the tools and skills necessary to empower and heal your own life as well as those of others.

Our Year long practitioner courses are hosted in Wales, a wild Welsh Celtic land filled with myth and magic as well as stunning scenery and architecture. Cardiff is a stunning city, it its center lies a large castle surrounded by grounds, and there is a huge variety of accommodation option available for you to choose from, if required.

Intensive Shamanic Training

Earth Heart Shamanism Training is hosting year a mixed long practitioner courses running from September 2018  to October 2019. This course is held only over weekends Saturday and Sunday primarily at Yurt in the City, Cardiff. Wales, UK. from 10 am - 6 pm. The yurt comes from Mongolia and is beautifully decorated, very warm and cosy space with a plethora of cushions to choose from to sit on. The other location some dates will held on is woods near Cardiff, Wales, this location is perfect for being totally at one with nature.

Course Syllabus

Earth Heart Shamanism UK Training courses have been borne through decades of experience in healing techniques and training, this ensures that course students get the highest level of transformation, practical knowledge and techniques through their shamanism training.

The course syllabus and shamanism training held by Earth Heart Shamanism will cover an extensive amount of practical and theoretical teachings including shamanism in different cultures its origins and traditions, the cosmology of world tree, axis mundi and shamanic world. Shamanic Journeying, the three worlds, building relationships with power animal guides, the hollow bone, conducting ritual, ceremony and altar making. Tools of the shaman, the drum and rattle, shamanic sound and shamanic protection. Core shamanic Healing processes and techniques such as soul retrieval, power Retrieval, cord Cutting, ancestral healing, space Clearing, spirit Extraction, dispossessions, energy re balancing, psycopomp. European Shamanism and Runic Divination, working with Song and the Staff. The Power of sound in shamanism, Shamanic Trance Dance, ecstatic Body postures. Energy mastery techniques, working with clients and client consultations. Working with Plant, Tree and Nature Energies. Shamanic Plants and Herbalism. Earth Energy Healing Techniques, Labyrinths, Stone Circles.

I look forward to working with you and evolving your consciousness through the Shamanic Path. Take the first step!

Practitioner Courses

One Year Shamanic Practitioner Course

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